Monday, 10 August 2020

Year 7 step up programme

When the year 8's went to camp it was REALLY fun because the year 7's and some of the year 8's got to stay back and do fun stuff and be leaders at the same time, I found every activity FUN!!, to be VERY honest, I think we should've done cooking but then I think we shouldn't do cooking, because cooking can be a lot of mess and cleaning up at the end would take up lots of our time. Out of all activities I didn't find anything boring, but I think we should've had more time doing Jump Jam, than just doing it for at least....20 minuets. The activities we should really keep for next year is playing sports outside like Soccer, Netball, and Hockey, also I definitely think we should keep 'Minuet to win it', besides everything else, it was a VERY FUN!!!!!!! week.

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  1. Kia ora, it sounds like you made the most of the opportunity to step up while the Year 8s were away. I did wonder if you did other dances besides the minuet? And what you had to do to win it? Perhaps the most graceful was the winner. You do seem to appreciate the activities where you get active.
    Mrs Burt