Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Why is Schooling the most important in life?

 Why is Schooling the most important in life?

Today I am going to explain why schooling/education is the most important in our life.

I think education is important, cause in life you’ll need to work things out, like if your a builder you’ll need to use your thinking, through education, like maths, maths will be the important thing for building, because you’ll need to figure out how long or how short the wood needs to be, so that it could be a perfect fit. Not only maths but reading too, it’s important cause you’ve got to read instructions and stuff, and if you can’t read then you won’t be able to do something right, or you might even get fired. 

Education is important because it literally talks about your future, and how it will work out how. Education can lead to good things, being a celebrity, going to different countries, or schools, it could also help you with scholarships around the world. I’d say that if it wasn’t for teachers and kids, “school” wouldn’t be a thing, and authors like David Walliams, Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, wouldn’t be where they are now.

Te Kura Tuatahi


This task is from last week, and I'm finishing it today because, i didn't finish i last week, this work task, is unfinished, but later today I will be finishing it, I am posting it now so that you know I am done!, Thank you

Kauri Tree


Today I decided to do some FIOP, so that I can catch up on my work for this term, Please be mindful that this was a few weeks ago, and yea, it's from a few weeks ago.

The Past Beneath our feet

This task, was meant to be finished in week 7, but I was a bit behind. So that's why, today I decided to do some FIOP. This task is about the things they have been finding under our feet RIGHT NOW, if you'd like to know more, please go through the slides.

Monday, 29 March 2021

Narrative Writing

Today we are working on Narrative writing, we worked n different stories, that take place in different places, with new characters each time. Under neath is a photo of one of the Narratives we worked on, and under neath that, is a photo of everything there is, in the Narrative.

Friday, 26 March 2021


 today we did our spelling test, along with our 8 times table test, mrs stone set a stop watch on the tv, and once your done you look at the time, to see how fast or slow you finished, on the othr times table test we did I got 19 seconds, and the one we did now, I also got 19 seconds. For our spelling test, the words we got given to spell, were. Rope, Legend, Attack, Texture, Square, positive, Perspective, Orchestra, Guilty, and Warriors. Please stay tuned to next frudays blog post, about our spelling and maths test:).

Choose Your Words (and Techniques) Carefully in Spelling Instruction |  Reading Rockets

A new way of teaching maths in schools

Writing Challenge

 Writing Challenge: 

On a sad rainy day, in bikini bottom, Spongebob was doing the dishes and he bruised his arm, because his adorable pet Gary bumped into him and he tripped. Then Mrs Puff called and said she was eating chop suey (Sapasui). Other than that Mrs Puff thinks if you have, or eaten something from any culture then your that culture, so basically Mrs Puff thinks she's Samoan. Spongebob got jealous so he bought a Salu Lima to prove he’s the real Samoan. Spongebob was planning to go to Samoa, the first thing he did was look at the globe to see how far it was. Then the next day he went to Samoa, The End.

Tech: Possible book themes

 Last week, the year 8's went to tech, and the tech group I am in is Graphics, what we re working on this term, are pop up books, the image down below, are the categories, I have thought of, to base my pop up book on.

The Moa


This task is from 3 weeks ago, because today i decided to do some F.I.O.P, (Finish it off properly) :) Thank you, if you have any questions please comment down below.

Purple Day!

 Today is purple day for point england school, I don't know if other schools have purple day. The reason why, we have purple day, is to raise awareness for ellipse. Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain. People with epilepsy can have seizures. 

Great Graphs

 WALT: Think critically about the information presented within graphs

Today, we worked on graphs. there are many different graphs, the groups we have been working on, is the bar graph, line graph, and the pie chart. If you'd like to know more, please look through this presentation:)

Ratios and Graphs

Today we worked on ratios, and graphs with m&m's, 
for this ratio, I chose to put red and green together, which
will make 3:4

For this next one, I chose to put red, and brown together, 
cause it shows, less of the m&m's, and more. The ratio is, 2:4

I put blue and yellow together, and the ratio it makes, 
is 2:1, 2 blues, and 1 yellow:)


Before we started doing the ratios, we first had to try

and figure out, how to come up with an easier way,

of showing how less of the coloured m&m's there are,

and how many, more there are. For this graph, I chose 

to do the bar graph, it shoes, how many from the biggest 

amount to the smallest amount.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

He aha te taima:)

 WALT: ask and answer questions, about time

Today for rotations, we have been learning, to read the time, not by hours but by minutes. under neath this slide show it a poster, that I made saying what time it is:), if you have any questions, please comment down below:) thank you! 

Ratio Practice 2

WALT: Show the strategy I used to solve each Ratio problem

This week, we have been working on our Ratios, today we had Ms O'conor as our reliever, she helped get some answers right. Hopefully we have gotten better. If you have any questions, please comment down below.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Ratio Reconcilliation

 WALT: Identify the relationships between numbers

This week for maths, we have been working on our ratios, today we had a choice of doing, a yr 7 level, yr 8 level, or a yr 9 level, I chose to do the yr 8 level because, it was the one I was working on, stay tuned for more maths tasks, :) thank you

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Digital Noho

Today we had a google meet, as an example, for when we have lock-down, we didn't really do any work, we only played games, I had to leave early because I had to go somewhere, but where I stopped at, was when we were playing kahoot about countries. Anyways, go check out my classes blogs, to see what they got up to, throughout the whole Google Meet. 


We also got to have Room 1 join us!, also don't forget to check their blogs for more...

(below, is the links, to the students that are in room 1, please check out their blog posts, about today):)

The Explosion

 Intro: “Hola my name is Robert and welcome to my vlog!!” Today we’ll be seeing what I get up to, please stay till the end. Because (maybe) there will be some, unexpected things happening:). So! Let’s start from the beginning. Hi my name is Robert, I am fat short and bald, Thank you!!

I have two best friends, Craig, and Stonks guy. They are the most annoying*est* crackheads in the world, that word “Crackhead” describes them the best… “shhh don’t tell them I said that, even though it’s been a year since I’ve been calling them that” I call them that, because ‘Stonks guy’, likes gaining stonks (nobody knows what that even means), and ‘Craig’ like’s fishing, he’s got two other jobs, a Rubbish man, and a BBQ cooker, I know right, whatta big crackhead, anyways. “They both have one thing in common, and that’s Farting gosh I hate that word”

One day I went and bought KFC, because Craig and Stonks guy, was hungry, didn’t want them to come along, cause they’d be farting the whole way here, anyways, when I got there, I hoped out of the car, turned around, and saw 2 big crackheads, can you guess who it was, “Who else, Craig and Stonks guy”. I didn’t really care, cause for the first time ever they didn’t fart for two whole minutes “Impressive right?”. When we went inside, my two besties went to the bathroom to wash their hands, cause they decided they wanted to eat there. While I was ordering I smelt and heard fart noises.

 It was coming from the bathroom, in my head I thought “gosh I wonder who that could be?” I went to have a look and it was Craig and Stonks guy. They were bombing the whole toilet, so I tried my best to stay calm, and just walked away like I didn’t know them. Few minutes later, we heard an Explosion coming from the bathroom, everybody had a little sniff, and ran out, because it smelt like Farts.

Conclusion: The worst thing was, they made the whole of KFC stink, and made our food smell like farts, and that’s not even the worst thing!, We GoT KiCkEd OuT Of ThErE, “UGHHH” I was literally expecting this to happen, we even got kicked out of McDonalds for doing the same thing. (As Expected!). The good thing was...was we still have Carls Junior to go to:).

Monday, 22 March 2021

Ratio Practice

WALT: Identify Ratio

This week we are learning our Ratios, for maths. Last year when we did Ratios, I was always stuck, because we did our lesson over google meet, and it was sort of hard to hear. Now that we're doing it face to face, it actually helps me understand it well....Thank you! if you have any questions, please comment down below.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Doubling and Halving

 WALT: use doubling and halving or thirding and trebling to solve multiplication and division problems.

Today for maths we worked on, Halving, Doubling, and Trebling. If you don't know what i'm talking about please, look through these slides:) thank you!.

Monday, 15 March 2021

My next step

 WALT: we are learning to add, divide, and multiply

Today for math, we had to choose between some slides, and each slide has it's own equation, eg: division, multiplication, and etc. The slides I chose were addition and division.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Ngā tau

 Walt: to count up to 10

Today we learn't to count in Te Reo Maori, we learn't that "Tekau" means '10', "Rua tekau" means '20', and "Toru tekau" means '30', this poster below is the poster we had to make, to show that we know how to count to 30 in Te Reo. Thank you, if you have any questions, please comment down below:).

Ahua word problems


This weeks task is all about working out word problems, all the problems, were based on Divided by's, and our times tables, This week we are learning our 4 times tables, and going along the table, till we reach our 12 times tables.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Is it ever okay to steal?

 Today we took part in a lesson that we filmed for our class on air, about why stealing is good, and why it's not. We split into 2 groups; one group was debating why stealing is never okay, and my group was why it is good to steal, most of the talk was about, "stealing is good because they need to feed there family's" and the other group had to disagree with the statements, we did the debate on google meet, at school!. After all, it was very fun, and it all went as expected.
These ideas below, are the reasons why stealing is sort of good. 

1.Dumpster diving should not be illegal

   ^ You put the thing in the bin for a REASON. There is no reason why it should be a crime if you don’t even need the item anymore. Someone else needs it more.

2. Stealing should be alright and not considered a HUGE crime because some people need to steal to survive. 

    ^ Sometimes people don’t have choices.

3. Stealing is not that bad unless you're stealing an iphone.

    ^ E.g. Stealing a 1 dollar lollipop shouldn’t be considered such a crime because it is 1 dollar not 1,980 dollars or something.

4. If somebody steals something from you, and you're trying to get it back, you are not stealing.

    ^ Because technically the only person who stole is the one who stole if from you unless you stole that item first. Or maybe you lost this item and somebody found it, it wouldn’t be stealing, it would just be a lucky find.

5. If you steal something from a dairy and it's only like, a dollar, I don't consider that stealing, at least not VERY bad.

    ^ The world won’t end, it’s just a dollar.

6. If you need to feed ur family you’ll definitely have the chance to steal, so it’s sort of is OK to steal depending on the price and stuff.

    ^ Sometimes it’s the only way to survive, it really depends on the situation.

7. Our earth wants a bigger population, and with that stealing can help, to feed you, and to help you with different causes and for some cases, survive. There aren't enough resources,

8. Stealing is not that big of a crime, like killing somebody, there is no comparison to stealing and killing, unless you steal something very expensive.

    ^ Stealing isn’t killing somebody, it’s not as bad.

9. Stealing shouldn’t become a “straight to jail” thing, at least pay the price, for the thing or item you stole. It’ll make everything better.

    ^ Let the “stealer” explain. Maybe a 1-4 month sentence to jail. Depends on the item and the reason.

10. If you are taking something back from someone it is actually not stealing.

      ^ At least it shouldn't be considered stealing. 


Monday, 8 March 2021

Delicious Division


This weeks task, was like an update, to see if we remember the past things that we did in maths, and one of them were factors, go through the slides and you'll see what we've been up to.