Friday, 22 February 2019

The Mission

Walt: Structure a recount correctly

Task description: Fist we had our experience in the morning then we came back to class and talked about it on the mat net we went off and started to write about it in our chromebooks.

Today at school our amazing teacher took us on a mission. He was treating us like we were actually soldiers. Does your teacher do that?

The first training exercise that our teacher told us to do was march to the deck and moui at the back enjoyed it cause he would say YES SIR whenever he wants too then apparently he became the captain and stood beside Mr goodwin anyways we did the marching across  the deck.

Then our other training exercise was to sneak across the deck so that we don’t disturb the other classes because they were working. When we were sneaking a boy named Kahurangi was in front of me and the way he was sneaking made me laugh and by the way we weren’t even allowed to talk or laugh so I had to laugh so quiet.

Then third and final thing we did was we did some fitness and the first thing we had to do for fitness was to do 5 press ups. Then we had to do 10 sit ups after that we had to stand on one leg and it was so funny when he pushed over kitione and kitione fell over. He did that because he wanted to test us to see if we are useless or not. He went to many other people and tried to push them over and when he went to push over central but she hopped away on 1 leg. Next he went to push Austin over but he stayed still.

Overall after all of that we all went to class and I also thought that it was going to be boring but it turned out so fun that I want to do it again. I hope your teacher does it with you one day?

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Waitangi day

Walt: use the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight.

Task description: first we all met up on the mat and planned it on the mat then Mr Goodwin said go do your work if you know what you are going to write about then we all went off because we all new what we were gonna write about.

On Waitangi day we went to the beach because it was a very hot day yesterday. When we got there we saw my Uncle and my two cousins. At first we sat down and had hot chips and it was so hot that it had burnt my little brothers tongue. Next we went to play on the playground. When we were on the swing my Sister Kerstein was telling jokes. I laughed so hard that I nearly fell off the swing. After that we went for a swim because it was so hot and when we went for a swim I had to go with my sister and my cousin anyways my sisters name is Legacy and none of my brothers wanted to swim it was just me and my sisters and my two cousins. When we came out of the sea we went to dry off then we got changed and stayed to hangout for a bit. Then my dad decided to go fishing so my dad went all the way back home just to get his fishing rod and then he came back with 2 fishing rods for my uncle because he also wanted to fish with my dad then when we went down to where my dad was fishing me and my sister saw two big snapers in the container that my uncle and my dad had caught. After they caught 6 big snapers we all packed up and went home.

Write like paul

Walt: write using the structure of a narrative.

Task description: first we all met up on the mat then Mr Goodwin told us to go off and do the task then we all did our brainstorms on the slide that Mr Goodwin gave us all when we finished that we started our writing

Oali woke up in the middle of the night. Then she was so so hot so she went outside so that she could catch some air. She saw something glowing in the forest so she went to check. First she went to Norah-Jade’s house and woke her up to tell her to look in the forest with her. Then they went to see what was glowing in the forest and what was glowing was a time machine. Oali touched it and they went back in time and they were found in a lost jungle.

Norah-Jade said” come lets just see what else is here” then Oali said” No because we might not be able to go back” so Norah-Jade said” Ohh forget it I’m gonna go By myself,” so Norah-Jade went by herself. as soon as she even took 5 steps she saw a maze. she looked back and she said” Oli look at this” so Oali went to look and she said” woahhhhhh”. they went to try the maze and they didn’t even go through to the second step.

they saw burgers randomly falling down from the sky so they looked up and there was a message it said Collect all the burgers to complete the maze. Oali said” I think I am quite hungry right now” and Norah-jade said” I can do it too” so they went through the maze and found the time machine again. they looked back and they Both said” HUHHHH b-bu-but the other time machine is over their so they both touched it and they ended up at Oali’s house. Norah-jade was so tired so she decided to walk home. When she got home she went straight to sleep.