Friday, 24 July 2020

The Watcher of the South: South Africa

The Watcher of the south, is a myth about from South Africa, from the Xhosa tribe, this task was given and made by Ms Tapuke, she did the country of South Africa, and the Myth of the Xhosa tribe, check out this presentation I filled in, it has the myth we learnt, but with no words, cause everyone was split into 3 groups, and had to try and put the sentences in the right order by ourselves, and check the audio me Jane and Madi did, to hear the myth. Thank you!


  1. Hi Norah-Jade!

    This work really informed me about the watcher of the south, as I was not there that day. Now I know more about the watcher of the south and about what I was supposed to learn that day.

    -Nadia :D

  2. You did a good job with this work. Good job!

  3. Kia ora Norah-Jade,
    Thank you for sharing the recording you, Madi and Jane made of the Xhosa myth about how Table Mountain was created in Cape Town in South Africa. Grea t job on trying out your isiXhosa pronunciation! The clicks for the X and Q sounds are a bit tricky - well done!