Thursday, 15 April 2021

Highlight for Term 1

 This term has been a very nice term, because there weren't much lock downs as usual, and we got to communicate with each other better. Also I got to participate in some amazing, and fun sports, like, Cricket, and Softball, I reckon, out of all, my favourite was Softball, because we came first, but we also did for cricket. (I know right my favourite sports!). I also found some amazing subjects, that I actually didn't know I enjoyed, like Reading (Duhhh):). Sorry if this high light is so short. I just can't think of anything else, Thank you. If you have any questions please comment down below, and be sure, I might not post until next term. Byee!

(This year, I had an amazing opportunity to be in the extension group, we didn't get up to much, because we had lots of days off, like easter, and more...but one of our activity's we did was go to the genesis program, about sailing, we learnt about lots of sailors, and I really enjoyed it!) See you in Term 2!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Final step of the design process


Today we worked on the our final designs, for our 'Streets for everyone' project, the picture above, shows the things that we needed to work on, and what we needed to fix up, if you look at my Join the dots project, from last week, that I posted. You'll see that Me and my group updated the slide show, so please go and look at it because we did some amazing drawings, for yous to look it, there is also a big explanation besides it to know what we are talking about, if you'd like to know more, please go through the 'Join the Dots' slide show, Thank you.


 WALT: Learn about ANZAC day and why it is so important in our history.

On the 24 - 25 of march, is Anzac day, its an important day, because it's a day of remembrance to the people who sacrificed their lives for our country. The slideshow also talks about, why poppy flowers, are important to Anzac day. If you'd like to know more, please go through the slide show to know more.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Thinking Critically

 WALT: Learn to spot fake news

This task, helps us to spot reall and fake news, in the slide show, there is a game, to test out if you can spot some fake news, most of the tips are in the slide show, if you'd like to know them, please go through my slide shows, to find out. Thank you!


 WALT: learn more about our culture

Yesterday, in the last block, we did some inquiry, for inquiry, we had to find a pattern that is most known in our culture, and have to talk about why, and how it's important, or what its made of, if you'd like to see what pattern I chose, please go through the slide show, that me and my friend Nina made, go check out her blog to see what she gets up to next week, Thank you!

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Keep it cool Experiment

 WALT: conduct a statistical investigation

Today we did an experiment which taught us many different things we have to pay attention to. We had to find out ways to somehow make the experiment fair and also find out our flaws after the experiment. 

Today for our experiment, we were finding out the best material to keep ice cool. It had to guess which material would work better, our options were foil, bubble wrap, polystyrene cups and our 'control' cup was plastic.

Find out which material was better by looking at my slides! 

He aha te taima?

WALT; Learn how to use past and to in Te Reo 

Today for Te reo class, we learnt about time once again! instead we are focusing on minutes, it may be similar to the other task, but apparently, it ain't, thanks to there maori lessons I know how to tell the time in maori, (Just a little bit though) Please go check out Simons blog, to see what he did, and to see what he gets up to this week. 

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Join the Dots!


This task, is Me, Simon and Oalii's, planning, on what we'll be doing, when it comes to the day, when we have to do our Join the dots activity. Please go check out Oalii and Simons blogs, to see what they get up to this week, Thank you!

Streets 4 Everyone Project


On the 24th of march, the extension group went for a walk around our area. We went to mark some good spots, so that we know where to go, and the right places to put our activity's that we planned, in our groups. The video above, shows the walk that we went on, and seeing the different places we went to, and the things we planned, we are doing this so that the people walking around, and passing through the areas we put our little activity, can have some fun, the kind of activity's we planned, were Connect the dots, Word Search, and more things like Treasure hunts. In my small group were Me, Simon, and Oalii.