Thursday, 29 July 2021

Modern Olympics !!


This is my poster, about the Javelin throw in the Olympics. There's only some features, and some questions that I needed to answer, but didn't have enough time:). Please look at the slides below.

Kei Te Pehea koe?

 WALT: To ask and answer questions about how we feel.

This is my Te Reo task that we had to complete for rotations while the Yr 7's went to tech. Below this task, is my poster that I made of my own conversation:).

Violet Walrond: Olympic Swimmer

 WALT: Skim and scan for key information. Make inferences.

This task is all based on...Women warrriors, who have competed in the olympic's, and have won many medals since forever. This article is about a young female swimmer, who started training with her dad, and ended up in New Zealand's first Olympic Nation team. 
Go through the slides to know more:).

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Dame Valerie Adams !!

This is a small information poster that I made about Dame Valerie Adams, yes! New Zealand's one and only shot put thrower. What I learnt, What I know, What I Want to know, and some of her values. If you read closely you will see some amazing facts I wrote down, there may only be a little, but it's probably worth you time, Please read through the poster till you reach the bottom of the page, Thank you.
Yes! I put a lot of effort into this:).

Monday, 26 July 2021

Olympic Poster !

This is my poster that I made, its all about the Olympics. Some things I know, and also 3 questions I am very curious about.

Versatile Volume P1

 WALT: Add and Multiply decimals

WALT: Calculate the volume of decimals

Today we worked on, Area, Perimeter, and Volume. All of those equations are the same, but Volume, has 3 dimensions, and you have to times them. look through the slides to know more, thank you!.

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of Term 3, as always, we start the day off with an assembly, and all the teachers can either make a movie, or perform an act, to explain what their team will be working on this term. The korero for this term is 'Healthy me, healthy you',

Every team made a movie, besides team 5, and out of all the performances my favourite movie or act, was presented by Team 4. Their movie was all about fitness, and why it can help you in your future. In one part of their movie, they made a scene from when they had a 'class reunion' in the the future year of 2041, and they all had a successful life, thanks to all the fitness they learnt and had done.

This term, Team 5 are learning about 'Whare Tapa Wha', which is all about our Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social/Family, well-beings. 

Friday, 2 July 2021



This afternoon me and my friend Oalii finished all our work, and had nothing to do, but then our lovely teacher thought of making a Matariki slide with different facts about Matariki. So this slide Me and my friend Oalii made is all about Matariki and what we do on the day. Enjoy!.

Go and check out Oalii's blog:).

Practical Percentage

WALT: Calculate percentage 

Today we worked on percentage, I found most of the slides, so that's why I decided to do level 1 and a bit of level 2, please go through the slideshow to see!. Thank you!

Thursday, 24 June 2021

KPMG : (Extension)

 On the 23rd of June, the Extension group went to KPMG. KPMG is an every year thing, that the year 7&8 Extension group goes to. Last year we went there during christmas, and made christmas like things, like cards, and painted some hard stone things. This year we went there to learn about space, well....because this terms Korero is 'Watch this Space'. When we got there, we got split into 4 teams of 7, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, I was in 'Team Earth' with, Oalii, Nina, Bradley, Jane, Zoe, and Sauma, and our 2 adult helpers were, Christine, and Elliot. they were really helpful. It was very fun, my favourite part of the day was the food, and the science experiment that we did, all teams had different experiments, our experiment was to make oobleck without any measurements, we just had to figure it out ourselves, and it all worked out, all of our Experiments worked!. The word of the Experiment was Non Newtonian Fluid not solid or liquid. We also did a quiz at the end of the day, and MY group 'Earth' one by half a point (As Expected), the second place team scored 18, and 'Earth' got 18.5, cool right!!, because we won we got to take home some Space Packages, with some pens, a notebook, some stickers, and a chocolate. We had a very fun time!. Thank you KPMG people!

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Thinking Critically

WALT: Thinking critically about what we read 

This week for maths, Mrs Stone, decided to do some literacy on how people in the world are very biased towards other. Biases like being favouritism between 2 things, like liking one thing more than the other.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Kiwi Kids News Reading

 WALT: Locate and summarise ideas within a range of texts.

Today, the whole of team 5 are doing the same thing for reading, so that our literacy teachers know what we're reading at, and to see if we could read an article and explain it, in it's ways, if you would like to see what we did please go through the slideshow, to know more, go check out some of team 5's blogs.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Dazzling Decimals 3

Flash Addition!

 114 + 97 = 211

 93 + 289= 382

 128 + 87 = 215

163 + 84 = 247

 311 + 93 = 404

Change to fractions and decimals

1. 21% -  0.21  21/100

2. 19% - 0.19 19/100

3. 35% - 0.35 35/100

4. 63% 0.63 63/100

5. 40% 0.40 40/100

6. 15% 0.15 15/100

7. 75% 0.75 75/100

8. 83% 0.83 83/100

9. 7%  0.7 7/100

10. 1% 0.1 01/100

Change to percentages

½ = 50%

⅗ =  60%


41/ 50= 82%

7/10 = 70%

⅓=   33.333333333333333333333333

⅚= 25

14/35= 40% 

1/25=  4%

5/50 = 10%

21/76 = 55%

1. 35 + 97 = 132

2. 3.25 - 1.17= 2.08

3. 2 × -8 = -16

4. 5 × (2 + 4 × 3) = 70

5. 5.789 - 1.345 = 4.444

6. 1.789 - 0.987 = 0.802

7. 1.67 + 5.895 = 7.565

8. 1.578  + 2.654 = 4.322

9. 7.678 - 3.567 = 4.111

10. 4.789 + 1.678 = 6.467 

Why does Matter, Matter?

The three basic properties of matters are Volume, Mass, and Shape

All matter is made up of tiny particles called Atoms

Volume is the amount of Space that matter takes up

Mass is the amount of matter an object has

Liquid takes the shape of their Container 

Gas do not have a definite shape of volume

Liquid do not have a definite shape, but they do have a definite volume

Solid have a definite shape and volume

A Ice and Chair are examples of solids

Milk and Juice are examples of liquids.

Helium and Oxygen are examples of gas

Solid ice is melting when it's changing into a liquid.


This morning we did some science on Matter. Volume, Mass, and Shape, it all leads up to Solid, Gas, and Liquid. Solid: The atoms in a solid are packed closely together they bond together and not change shape. Liquid: The atoms in a liquid are close together, they slide around. Gas: The atoms in a gas are spread out and move freely. 

Thursday, 17 June 2021

The Moon

 WALT: describe the phases of the moon and its relationship with the earth

For this term, we all are going to be focusing on our science work, yesterday we worked on the 4 seasons, and what orders they go in, if you would like to see what we did today please go through the slides:)

The Jacket Part 3

For the past weeks, we have been reading a chapter book, called, 'The Jacket', today I did Part 3, and probably tomorrow I'll be doing Part 4, please stay tuned to see it, Thank you!

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Decimal Fractions

 WALT: We are learning to add and subtract decimal fractions

WALT: We are learning to Convert Decimals to Fractions

This term we are working on fractions, today we worked on 'Converting Fractions to Decimals' and 'Converting Decimals to fractions' Some of it, I found easy, but some of it, i didn't. The last 2 slides were really hard, so I deleted them, because we had a choice of doing the levels you now, I completed Level 1 and 2 out of 3, if you'd like to see what I did, please go through the slides, thank you!.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Pyramids of Egypt

 Egyptian Pyramids. Pyramids were first built in 2780 B.C. Did you know that Pyramids were actually built for specific things, they also include lots of important stories behind them, one story is when a king/father decided to build 1 big pyramid for him to be buried in, then built another pyramid for his wives to be buried in, cool right! (I guess).  if you'd like to know more, read the rest!:)

As you probably know, pyramids were built as a burial place and monuments for the Pharaohs who pass on, along with things they need. Before pyramids were built, people were buried in the desert, and would be dug up by wild animals passing by. 

Did you know there are more than 100 pyramids on this Earth. They all contain treasures, and dead people, most of things in there are really valuable, that people try to break in. As you see in movies, there are always Traps to make sure people don't pass through to the treasure, well....that's true!.

Mastaba!, mastaba is a Rectangular Egyptian tomb, built of mud brick or, later, stone, with sloping walls and a flat roof. It also took 10-20 years to build the Pyramid of Giza. 

Anyways....Hope yous learnt something important about the Egyptian pyramids, and actually caught on to some important facts about specific things.

Please comment down below, if you have any questions.


Please stay tuned in the next day or 2, for the paragraphs, because I am still working on them. (Don't hate!) :).

The Jacket (Part 2)

 WALT: Find key ideas in a text

If you think I posted the same thing twice, I didn't. This is just part two of the Chapter book we are reading this term, read each part separate, and you'll get more curious each time, which will make you wanna read it some more.

The Jacket (Part 1)

 WALT: Find key ideas in a text

This week we are looking into a chapter book that we will be reading for probably about 1-2 weeks, when I first read it, I wasn't really into the book, but then I got to read Part 1 and Part 2 silently and found very interesting, Stay tuned for Part 2.

Friday, 4 June 2021

Fiafia 2021

 Last night we had Fiafia, it's when our school goes into cultural groups and does a performance for the families that come and watch. The group I was in was the Senior Samoan group, when we went to perform everyone cheered for us joyfully. My favourite group was the Junior Hip group, along with the Tongan Girls, they were both so amazing because, both groups looked really interested in what they were doing,and tried so hard to make everyone proud, anyways, most of all it was very fun, and am pretty sure everybody enjoyed it as well.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Smashing Fractions


Today for maths, we learnt how to properly do our Equivalent Fractions, I already knew them so it was sort of easy. If you'd like to know more go through the slideshow to see, thank you!

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Kei Hea A??

WALT: To say where someone is

Today in Te Reo Maori, we are learning about places in Maori, below is he slideshow I completed, and above is create task, we had to create a poster of our own speeches, and more...Thank you!

Fabulous Fractions

(WALT 's' are in the slides:))

Today for maths, we worked on our fractions, I'm not that confident with fractions, because I find i hard to remember, which makes it so difficult, I don't know why thought:). This term we are working on our Improper Fractions, Mixed Fractions, Whole Numbered Fractions and Finding Fractions.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Planet Earth and beyond (extension Project)

Today for extension we started our research, on our questions that we made ourselves a couple of weeks ago. if you'd like to know more please go through this presentation that will be finished tomorrow or next week, so stay tuned!.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

My Leadership Goals.

 WALT: Show leadership towards other people

Today the year 8's are doing a big reflection on camp, talking about why being a leader towards others are important, if you'd like to know more, please go through the slide show, Thank you!

Camp Reflection

 Last week, from Wednesday to Friday, the beautiful yr 8’s went to camp, well the yr 7’s stayed behind and did a step up programme, because next year they will be the next yr 8’s. At camp, I was the leader of Team Green/Kauaeranga with Teingoa. For the activities we had to go in 2 groups, Kauaeranga A and Kauaeranga B, Team A was the girls and Team B was the boys. 

When we got there we did some fun team work activities that had to include everyone, along with all the teams. By the look on everyone's faces, everybody enjoyed it. We played a game that was sort of like Rippa rugby, but in the end we had to count all the tags we ripped off the other teams. That was probably one of my favourite activities. 

Another activity I enjoyed was Go-Karts with Mr J. I could tell my team really enjoyed it, because we all had more than 1 and 2 turns going around twice. Although some people in my team didn’t wanna have a go, they did it anyway and really enjoyed it. They wanted to go again and again, weird but cool right!?. 

Lastly we had a camp concert, and had a very awesome Polynesian night, where we got to dress in anything poly related, like have a lavalava, a lei, or a sei. After that we had to get dressed in proper clothes to perform our items in. Our item ws really cool, we did an entrance of ‘Leave the door open’ by Bruno mars, the other teams did things like. The three little pigs, dancing, singing, and more. It was really fun!.

Most of all, my team really had good participation and communication skills toward each other, we really got along well, and had an amazing time at camp. Sadly, it is over. But anyways, we at least got to talk about all the fun times we had. Hope we get to go to a camp like that again, but definitely know it won’t be as fun as this one!.

Monday, 24 May 2021

Fractions of a set

 WALT: Find a fraction of a set

As in all the other matsh task, I have mentioned that this term we are learning our fractions, i've gotta be honest, I really don't like fractions, because I guess its too hard to remember, even though I like bananas *ifykyk*. Please go through the slide show to know more, by the way, I worked with my friend Bradley:).

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

The Four Spheres

 WALT: Describe the 4 spheres of the earth and explain how they are interrelated 

This task is all about the 4 spheres, but today we only learnt about 2 because the other day, when we were in Room 3, we learnt about the other 2, if you'd like to know more about the spheres, and know what spheres we learnt today, please go through the slides and check it out, thank you!

Equivalent Fractions.

 WALT: write equivalent fractions.

This task, is all about learning our Equivalent fractions, I really enjoy doing Equivalent Fractions because it is easy, you just have to plus the Numerator and the Denominator together.  

Friday, 14 May 2021


 WALT: Learn about Mars

This week is a new task, its similar to the one about Earth but instead of Earth its about Mars. 

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Fractions Level 1

WALT: Convert Improper Fractions to Mixed Number Fractions.

Today we did some maths based on fractions, because this term we are working on our fractions to get ready for our test, if you'd like to see more of my fraction tasks just keep track with the work I do daily. Some of the tasks were very hard sadly I coudn't do the last task because it was hard, please wait for level 2 maths, it'll be even harder. Please go through the slide show to know more.

Streets for Everyone: 2

 Today we went around the streets and had a look at our projects that we were working on last term. When we started walking, that first project we saw was my project, me Simon, and Oalii's project, we were very amazed at the project because it was very cool, the first picture we saw, was a Lizard, we had to try and complete the lizard using the letters, we had to try and spell out the street names, but before we did that we had to figure out what the street name was. The street names were 'Holland' and 'Waddell'. The other picture we came across was a fantail, probably the symbol of our school. I couldn't possibly remember what the street names were, because I have to admit it, I wasn't paying that much attention to the words/street names, because I was just colouring it in with the chalk. Right now you might get bored, so I'm gonna end it off here, go and check out my classes blogs to see what else we looked at.

PlAnEt MaRs!

Hola, Today I’ll be guiding “writing” you through an information step to Mars. 


Mars is a planet that is most known to be the next ‘inhabitable’ planet, meaning it has a 1 to 50 chance, being the next ‘Earth’, so it’s basically like a backup planet for us to live on, because one day, might even be tomorrow, earth could be dead  *you know what I mean*. because it has every important thing Earth has, like Liquid/Water, well sort of, because all the liquid on its surface, iced many years ago, so I don’t quite know yet.


Did you know that Mars has 2 moons they are called Phobos, and Deimos but also, Phobos is very close to Mars according to NASA, Phobos might crash into Mars, or break up to leave a ring of fragments around the planet, within 100 million years. Insane! Right,.


Mars is known as the red planet, well….because it’s red! The signature colour comes from the big amount of chemicals, called iron oxide, or rust as you might call it. Mars has only 40% of Earth’s gravity. Everybody is curious to see how human life will be possible. 


Mars is the home to the biggest mountain, it’s 3 times bigger than Mount Everest.  1 year on Mars is twice as long as Earths, (687 days) because it takes longer than Earth to orbit around the sun. The days on Mars are also extended, it takes 24 hours a day, but on Mars it takes 24 hours and 37 minutes. A Martian day on Mars is about 40 minutes longer than earths.


Until the first day of the term, I thought mars was a really big planet, I thought it was bigger than Earth, so luckily if it wasn’t for the item of term 2 (Watch the Space) I wouldn’t have known that it is the 2nd smallest planet in our Solar System, I would’ve thought I was so smart, and said to everybody, “did you know Mars is really big, bigger than earth” I would’ve looked sooo stupid!.


Anyways, that's all for today, hope you’ve learnt something important, one of these facts might even help you during the year. If you have any questions then leave a comment, Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Extension: ~Research on the future~

Today Ms west gave us some scenarios, and we had to answer some questions, (the ones below). Some questions like, Where would we go if Earth ended?, What have we already done to prepare?, etc. Most of the slides, I have put some of my thoughts in. Most of them are more likely based on Pollution, and why or where. Today everybody took part in this presentation, it was a lot easier, because we didn't have to put much work as we need to for some of our research. Although we will be doing some research, either in pears or individuals. I am in a pair with Oalii, and we are researching on, Why Earth is the only planet that holds life?, and more, because we didn't really think, and we just made it up on the spot, and yet it made sense! because we had nothing in mind. If you want to see what the other pairs are doing, go RIGHT to the end of the slide show, and you will see!

Please make sure to check out some of our blogs, for more. Thank you ! If you'd like to see more of the question, please go through the slide show, and look at everyone thoughts.

Please go and check out Oalii's blog, to see what she gets up to this week.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Watch this Space! W1

 WALT: Learn about space

As I said on my other blog posts, we are learning about space this term!. Today our subject were based on Space/Earth. We talked about how it is the third planet from the sun, and why there is life on earth, if you would like to know some amazing facts, please go through this slideshow to know more. Thank you! Also don't forget to look at the poster below, Thank you!! it shows amazing facts that I Didn't know before.

Immersion Assembly

 This term, we started off with immersion assembly, this terms theme, is 'Watch the Space'. As you all can tell we will be learning about different kind of planet, the most known fact to me, is that there a 8 planets, i know right, and yet they're all useful, Mercury is the closest to the sun.

My favourite items, were Team and Team 5, I really liked Team 4's item, because the way they presented (in a movie) was really funny, because they based it on 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. It all lead up to the 4 earth systems, Land, Air, Water, Living thing. 

Team 5's item was also my favourite, because it was very entertaining for everyone!. I really enjoyed the fact that they presented REALLY well, and how they "travelled" to different planets on the "Magic School Bus". Yeah that was my high light of all!.

After all, all of the items, were really cool, and 'funny'. I am really looking forward to next terms item, even though there is a looong way to go!! Thanks for reading until the end!

Earth Activity

 WALT: Learn more about the Solar System

This Term our learning is all based on Space, today for our reading activities, we learnt a lot about Earth, and some other planets, we also learn't some facts about NASA, and what they do. Each day, or minute, there MAY be different slides every day because I will, at some point need to do some changes on the slide show. If you would like to know more about Earth, please go through the slides to find out, if you have any questions, please comment down below, and I will answer them for you, Thank you!

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Highlight for Term 1

 This term has been a very nice term, because there weren't much lock downs as usual, and we got to communicate with each other better. Also I got to participate in some amazing, and fun sports, like, Cricket, and Softball, I reckon, out of all, my favourite was Softball, because we came first, but we also did for cricket. (I know right my favourite sports!). I also found some amazing subjects, that I actually didn't know I enjoyed, like Reading (Duhhh):). Sorry if this high light is so short. I just can't think of anything else, Thank you. If you have any questions please comment down below, and be sure, I might not post until next term. Byee!

(This year, I had an amazing opportunity to be in the extension group, we didn't get up to much, because we had lots of days off, like easter, and more...but one of our activity's we did was go to the genesis program, about sailing, we learnt about lots of sailors, and I really enjoyed it!) See you in Term 2!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Final step of the design process


Today we worked on the our final designs, for our 'Streets for everyone' project, the picture above, shows the things that we needed to work on, and what we needed to fix up, if you look at my Join the dots project, from last week, that I posted. You'll see that Me and my group updated the slide show, so please go and look at it because we did some amazing drawings, for yous to look it, there is also a big explanation besides it to know what we are talking about, if you'd like to know more, please go through the 'Join the Dots' slide show, Thank you.


 WALT: Learn about ANZAC day and why it is so important in our history.

On the 24 - 25 of march, is Anzac day, its an important day, because it's a day of remembrance to the people who sacrificed their lives for our country. The slideshow also talks about, why poppy flowers, are important to Anzac day. If you'd like to know more, please go through the slide show to know more.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Thinking Critically

 WALT: Learn to spot fake news

This task, helps us to spot reall and fake news, in the slide show, there is a game, to test out if you can spot some fake news, most of the tips are in the slide show, if you'd like to know them, please go through my slide shows, to find out. Thank you!


 WALT: learn more about our culture

Yesterday, in the last block, we did some inquiry, for inquiry, we had to find a pattern that is most known in our culture, and have to talk about why, and how it's important, or what its made of, if you'd like to see what pattern I chose, please go through the slide show, that me and my friend Nina made, go check out her blog to see what she gets up to next week, Thank you!

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Keep it cool Experiment

 WALT: conduct a statistical investigation

Today we did an experiment which taught us many different things we have to pay attention to. We had to find out ways to somehow make the experiment fair and also find out our flaws after the experiment. 

Today for our experiment, we were finding out the best material to keep ice cool. It had to guess which material would work better, our options were foil, bubble wrap, polystyrene cups and our 'control' cup was plastic.

Find out which material was better by looking at my slides! 

He aha te taima?

WALT; Learn how to use past and to in Te Reo 

Today for Te reo class, we learnt about time once again! instead we are focusing on minutes, it may be similar to the other task, but apparently, it ain't, thanks to there maori lessons I know how to tell the time in maori, (Just a little bit though) Please go check out Simons blog, to see what he did, and to see what he gets up to this week. 

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Join the Dots!


This task, is Me, Simon and Oalii's, planning, on what we'll be doing, when it comes to the day, when we have to do our Join the dots activity. Please go check out Oalii and Simons blogs, to see what they get up to this week, Thank you!

Streets 4 Everyone Project


On the 24th of march, the extension group went for a walk around our area. We went to mark some good spots, so that we know where to go, and the right places to put our activity's that we planned, in our groups. The video above, shows the walk that we went on, and seeing the different places we went to, and the things we planned, we are doing this so that the people walking around, and passing through the areas we put our little activity, can have some fun, the kind of activity's we planned, were Connect the dots, Word Search, and more things like Treasure hunts. In my small group were Me, Simon, and Oalii.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Why is Schooling the most important in life?

 Why is Schooling the most important in life?

Today I am going to explain why schooling/education is the most important in our life.

I think education is important, cause in life you’ll need to work things out, like if your a builder you’ll need to use your thinking, through education, like maths, maths will be the important thing for building, because you’ll need to figure out how long or how short the wood needs to be, so that it could be a perfect fit. Not only maths but reading too, it’s important cause you’ve got to read instructions and stuff, and if you can’t read then you won’t be able to do something right, or you might even get fired. 

Education is important because it literally talks about your future, and how it will work out how. Education can lead to good things, being a celebrity, going to different countries, or schools, it could also help you with scholarships around the world. I’d say that if it wasn’t for teachers and kids, “school” wouldn’t be a thing, and authors like David Walliams, Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, wouldn’t be where they are now.

Te Kura Tuatahi


This task is from last week, and I'm finishing it today because, i didn't finish i last week, this work task, is unfinished, but later today I will be finishing it, I am posting it now so that you know I am done!, Thank you

Kauri Tree


Today I decided to do some FIOP, so that I can catch up on my work for this term, Please be mindful that this was a few weeks ago, and yea, it's from a few weeks ago.

The Past Beneath our feet

This task, was meant to be finished in week 7, but I was a bit behind. So that's why, today I decided to do some FIOP. This task is about the things they have been finding under our feet RIGHT NOW, if you'd like to know more, please go through the slides.

Monday, 29 March 2021

Narrative Writing

Today we are working on Narrative writing, we worked n different stories, that take place in different places, with new characters each time. Under neath is a photo of one of the Narratives we worked on, and under neath that, is a photo of everything there is, in the Narrative.

Friday, 26 March 2021


 today we did our spelling test, along with our 8 times table test, mrs stone set a stop watch on the tv, and once your done you look at the time, to see how fast or slow you finished, on the othr times table test we did I got 19 seconds, and the one we did now, I also got 19 seconds. For our spelling test, the words we got given to spell, were. Rope, Legend, Attack, Texture, Square, positive, Perspective, Orchestra, Guilty, and Warriors. Please stay tuned to next frudays blog post, about our spelling and maths test:).

Choose Your Words (and Techniques) Carefully in Spelling Instruction |  Reading Rockets

A new way of teaching maths in schools

Writing Challenge

 Writing Challenge: 

On a sad rainy day, in bikini bottom, Spongebob was doing the dishes and he bruised his arm, because his adorable pet Gary bumped into him and he tripped. Then Mrs Puff called and said she was eating chop suey (Sapasui). Other than that Mrs Puff thinks if you have, or eaten something from any culture then your that culture, so basically Mrs Puff thinks she's Samoan. Spongebob got jealous so he bought a Salu Lima to prove he’s the real Samoan. Spongebob was planning to go to Samoa, the first thing he did was look at the globe to see how far it was. Then the next day he went to Samoa, The End.

Tech: Possible book themes

 Last week, the year 8's went to tech, and the tech group I am in is Graphics, what we re working on this term, are pop up books, the image down below, are the categories, I have thought of, to base my pop up book on.