Friday, 19 August 2016

The Olympics 100m sprint final

Do you know what it's like to be in the 100m final?  On your marks!” We were under starters orders. I was feeling nervous. When the race started the crowd went quiet and I was feeling nervous because I new I will be onto TV and everyone is going to watch me run. Then the fire pistol came on and we started to run and I tried running as fast as a cheater. And I was nearly going to win and the crowd went wild. 

Then something bad happened to me. Someone from the race threw a banana peel at me and made me slip maybe the person from the race threw the banana peel at me thought that I was going to win and through the banana peal at me. 

When I fell over someone from the crowd said to get back and be a champion so I got back up and started to run again. Another person from the crowd said that's the one and I was nearly going to win and I was running as fast as the wind then two people came in the front of me and the I started to go super speed and I came first and when I came first I burst into tears and started to cry with happiness and I got the a medal.