Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My Mihi

My holiday

In the holidays I went to time zone with my untie and my cousin josh the first thing we did is we we brought 35 tokens with 25 dollars then we got the tokens then my untie gave us Ten tokens each. Then we went to play all the games we could find. Then I went to a racing game and I had  85 tickets from the Michen.then we went to the counter and I only had 85 tickets and my cousin had 106 tickets. then we went to pick our prizes and I picked the slinky then we went to eat and my cosin and  my untie had butter chicken and I had Burger King then we went to the 2 dollar shop and me and my cosin brought the same thing and it was crazy spray and bubbles. And we brought the bubbles and the crazy spray for ten dollars and the bubbles were for 2 dollars and the crazy spray was for 4 dollars and after we brought our stuff we went home.

Friday, 8 July 2016

My morning

Today when I got up in the morning I got dressed. After I got dressed I made my lunch. Then I my teeth but before I brushed my teeth I had breakfast. After that I brushed my teeth then I came to school and played with Simon.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Art gallery

Today room 14 went to the art gallery after morning tea. At Te tuhi the first thing we did was Jeremy told us the instructions for the dream room. After that we walked inside the dream house room and took a seat on the chairs then Jeremy told  us the anshracshions.