Thursday, 24 June 2021

KPMG : (Extension)

 On the 23rd of June, the Extension group went to KPMG. KPMG is an every year thing, that the year 7&8 Extension group goes to. Last year we went there during christmas, and made christmas like things, like cards, and painted some hard stone things. This year we went there to learn about space, well....because this terms Korero is 'Watch this Space'. When we got there, we got split into 4 teams of 7, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, I was in 'Team Earth' with, Oalii, Nina, Bradley, Jane, Zoe, and Sauma, and our 2 adult helpers were, Christine, and Elliot. they were really helpful. It was very fun, my favourite part of the day was the food, and the science experiment that we did, all teams had different experiments, our experiment was to make oobleck without any measurements, we just had to figure it out ourselves, and it all worked out, all of our Experiments worked!. The word of the Experiment was Non Newtonian Fluid not solid or liquid. We also did a quiz at the end of the day, and MY group 'Earth' one by half a point (As Expected), the second place team scored 18, and 'Earth' got 18.5, cool right!!, because we won we got to take home some Space Packages, with some pens, a notebook, some stickers, and a chocolate. We had a very fun time!. Thank you KPMG people!


  1. Hi Norah Jade,

    Hope you had fun at KPMG, saying that our group won the quiz challenge. What was your favorite food from KPMG.

    From Nina

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  3. Kia Ora Norah-Jade.

    Looks like you had fun during the trip. I also did as well. It's good to see how you interact with your peers and other. What Was some of the question you had to answer during the quiz ?