Friday, 29 November 2019

Me in Disguise/Play

Walt:How to get in disguise 

Task Description: Today me and Nina had to buddy up together cause we both finished out task, what we had to do was we had to make a screen castify together and act out our lines we did ourselves make sure to go and check out Nina's blog and comment on her work. Thank you.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Horror story Kawau island, Camp Bentzon

Horror story Camp Bentzon:
Once upon a time there was an island named Kawau, it was a very spooky, scary, and haunted island that's why no one went there very often. Every Creature that lived there died and people are still trying to figure out why. One stormy afternoon we went to have our Halloween camp there. The Teachers didn't know about it being haunted only the kids did but they couldn’t be bothered telling them. On our concert night we heard scary noises so Mr Jacobson went to check to see what it was, the next moment we saw a hand come out of the bushes and it grabbed Mr Jacobson’s t-shirt and pulled him in the bushes. So Mr Goodwin and Mr Somerville rushed there quickly and they got dragged as well. After that all the teachers ran to where they got dragged except for Miss Timmi because she stayed back to look after us. When they went we had to carry on with the concert, then Miss Timmi called Miss Tuia and she didn’t answer so she called the teachers that were with her and they didn’t answer as well. She went to check and they weren’t there so Miss Timmi told all the campers to run up stairs and stay on one side because there was a boy and girl side, so yeah she told us all to go on the girls side cause it was cleaner and we all went in one room because we couldn’t go in two rooms because they’re was only one teacher. So a while later we fell asleep and Miss Timmi was still awake to watch us. In the morning we woke up and went to brush our teeth, then when we went outside some of the boys went with Miss TImmi to check in the bush where the arm popped out of, when we went to check nothing and no one was there so we searched everywhere for them. When we went up `Killer Hill there was this black shadow shaped as a man looking at us, then we heard some people shouting “help me”
To be continued…... Part 2 coming soon so stay tuned.

Camp Bentzon, Top 5 Tips

Camp Bentzon is a fun camp for lucky year 6’s where you do a lot of fun activities. This camp is pretty much where you face your fears. Camp Bentzon is also found on Kawau Island. On Kawau Island you will see a huge white Mansion. Every year 6 camp there is always groups. The group names are Bentzon, Mansion, Kawau, and Katz. Anyways here are a few tips about camp. 

First Killer Hill, as soon as you get to Kawau island you better be prepared because after you’ve unloaded the ferry you have to get ready to go for a very long hike up Killer Hill, and believe me you will regret it if you don't go prepared. What I mean by prepared is full water bottle, nice light bag with your lunch in it, and lastly ears. When Mr Goodwiwn said that Killer Hill really kills you, I didn’t believe him until we started taking the first 5 steps, turned out he was right it does kill you but it especially kills your legs. So if I were you I would take my advice and listen to my teacher. 

Second Morning Tea Time: every time it’s morning tea time you always have to go through the drive thru. If you are wondering what the drive thru is, at camp we have have a “drive thru” where you go through to get your Lunch and Morning Tea. The drive thru is normal windows but they just call it the drive thru. Here's a trick if you want to get more biscuits, the first time you go through make sure your wearing a hat if you want more go through again but wear a different hat and just keep going through until you get caught.

Now the third tip is about Kayaking: When you go kayaking make sure you are really confident, cause if you're not you will get so nervous and forget the instructions because your just sitting there panicking. This tip is what I always did when people would come next to me even teachers, what I did was everytime someone would come next to me I would always lean forward or back or wherever they are and push them away so they’re not in my way. That last tip for Kayaking is when you kayak to Stingray Bay Splash lots of people and get them really good especially Mr Somerville cause I bet you he will splash you too. 

Now for the last and final tip this tip is about playing spotlight: when Mr Jacobsin tell yous to go and hide make sure you stay close to the deck so you could get there and be the first one. When you go and hide make sure there is no one there with you, if there was than you could get caught easily cause that person might move around alot especially when your hiding in the bushes, also if you wanna hide with your friend that is very talkative, if I were you I wouldn’t hide with that person. 

With these Top 5 tips you will have the best year 6 camp ever, when you go to camp I also wish you good luck because if your afraid of heights “unlucky” anyways hope you enjoyed my writing, and your camp. 
Have fun!!!

Monday, 25 November 2019

Extension Research 2019

Walt: Research about UV light

This term in extension we were learning about UV light with Ray if you would like to know about UV light please feel free to look through this presentation and find out interesting facts about UV light. (you might even know more than me)

Thursday, 14 November 2019

UV Sensor Readings Master 2019

This is the Bar Graph to my readings that show on the screen on my UV sensor.

Readings for my UV sensor

These are the readings that I read off on my UV sensor.

5.9, 5.6, 6.3, 4.1, 0.9, 9.7, 6.3, 6.1, 5.2, 6.5, 6.2, 9.7, 0.2, 5.2, 9.5