Thursday, 29 July 2021

Modern Olympics !!


This is my poster, about the Javelin throw in the Olympics. There's only some features, and some questions that I needed to answer, but didn't have enough time:). Please look at the slides below.

Kei Te Pehea koe?

 WALT: To ask and answer questions about how we feel.

This is my Te Reo task that we had to complete for rotations while the Yr 7's went to tech. Below this task, is my poster that I made of my own conversation:).

Violet Walrond: Olympic Swimmer

 WALT: Skim and scan for key information. Make inferences.

This task is all based on...Women warrriors, who have competed in the olympic's, and have won many medals since forever. This article is about a young female swimmer, who started training with her dad, and ended up in New Zealand's first Olympic Nation team. 
Go through the slides to know more:).

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Dame Valerie Adams !!

This is a small information poster that I made about Dame Valerie Adams, yes! New Zealand's one and only shot put thrower. What I learnt, What I know, What I Want to know, and some of her values. If you read closely you will see some amazing facts I wrote down, there may only be a little, but it's probably worth you time, Please read through the poster till you reach the bottom of the page, Thank you.
Yes! I put a lot of effort into this:).

Monday, 26 July 2021

Olympic Poster !

This is my poster that I made, its all about the Olympics. Some things I know, and also 3 questions I am very curious about.

Versatile Volume P1

 WALT: Add and Multiply decimals

WALT: Calculate the volume of decimals

Today we worked on, Area, Perimeter, and Volume. All of those equations are the same, but Volume, has 3 dimensions, and you have to times them. look through the slides to know more, thank you!.

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of Term 3, as always, we start the day off with an assembly, and all the teachers can either make a movie, or perform an act, to explain what their team will be working on this term. The korero for this term is 'Healthy me, healthy you',

Every team made a movie, besides team 5, and out of all the performances my favourite movie or act, was presented by Team 4. Their movie was all about fitness, and why it can help you in your future. In one part of their movie, they made a scene from when they had a 'class reunion' in the the future year of 2041, and they all had a successful life, thanks to all the fitness they learnt and had done.

This term, Team 5 are learning about 'Whare Tapa Wha', which is all about our Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social/Family, well-beings. 

Friday, 2 July 2021



This afternoon me and my friend Oalii finished all our work, and had nothing to do, but then our lovely teacher thought of making a Matariki slide with different facts about Matariki. So this slide Me and my friend Oalii made is all about Matariki and what we do on the day. Enjoy!.

Go and check out Oalii's blog:).

Practical Percentage

WALT: Calculate percentage 

Today we worked on percentage, I found most of the slides, so that's why I decided to do level 1 and a bit of level 2, please go through the slideshow to see!. Thank you!