Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Room 4's Cupcake Crisis

Today we all investigated a Cupcake Crisis, what happened was Mrs Stone, put her cupcake on the teachers table, then when she went to get it, it was gone, everyone was investigating the people who were mostly close to it, and some thought it was Mrs Tele'a because she walked passed the table, the cupcake was on, go through this presentation to know more. Thank you!

Fresh Fractions: Level 1

Today we are learning our fractions, *again* we split into 2 groups for level 1 and level 2, level 1 is for the people who forgot how to do fractions *Im in level 1, cause I kinda forgot* and here is the task, Thank you!

Friday, 24 July 2020

Blue Mountain Coffee: Jamaica

This presentation was created by Whaea Kelly, Whaea Kelly was our last rotation teacher, she taught us about the Blue Mountain Coffee, where coffee of Jamaica grows, if you'd like to know more go through this presentation! thank you!

Paul Bunyan: United States

This task is a myth of Paul Bunyan, the country of this is the United States, and the teacher who presented this to us is Mrs Moala, what we did was we watched the myth first, than we all had to write things down, on what the myth included, and anyone who finished got given a map, and had to fill in each place, Paul Bunyan went to, and colour it in, with the colour we had to colour it in.

The Watcher of the South: South Africa

The Watcher of the south, is a myth about from South Africa, from the Xhosa tribe, this task was given and made by Ms Tapuke, she did the country of South Africa, and the Myth of the Xhosa tribe, check out this presentation I filled in, it has the myth we learnt, but with no words, cause everyone was split into 3 groups, and had to try and put the sentences in the right order by ourselves, and check the audio me Jane and Madi did, to hear the myth. Thank you!

Lightning, Thunder, and Rain: Cambodia

This week we have been rotating in different classes to learn different legends and myths from different countries, this task is given by Mrs Ilaoa and she did the country of Cambodia, look through these slides to see the myth, look at my other blog post/poster to see some facts i did about Cambodia on google drawings, thank you!

Wednesday, 22 July 2020