Friday, 3 July 2020

Review of Term 2

When it was lockdown I found it pretty crazy, cause it was our first time doing our school work online and going on google meets to see our Lovely teachers and our/my class mates, when Lockdown finished I was SUPER happy cause I got to see ALL my Friends and Teachers in person, but when we came back to school, it was kind of sucky cause we never got to greet ourselves to our friends, with a hug, we could only do it by giving each other a High Five, but we were all okay with it cause we all know that safety comes first!!. School was also VERY strict on the rules, but I was fine with it, cause we know our LOVING principal and teachers are doing it o keep us safe!, every time we cam in to school, or came in from lunch and morning tea, we ALWAYS had to stand in a line at the door and put hand sanitiser on, and again it was only to keep ourselves safe!. The school work was much easier to do, cause we got to listen to exactly everything our teacher says so we could get the instructions and know what to do, cause when we were on google meets, it would be very laggy cause their would be lots of people on. When we came back to school Team 5 did our usual Team 5 meetings in the morning at 8:30 but everyone sat at there desks in class. wait did I tell you we had to sit at our own desks and keep everything in our tote tray so we don't have to wonder around! anyways, the people doing the mihi and the karakia had to stand RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE for everyone to see them, that way they had to speak EVEN louder than they had to when we all had to sit in one place together. But I loved the new changes. And that was my Review of Term 2, and Now it's School holidays, YAYYYY! 

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