Friday, 8 February 2019

WANTED Gansta Grannny poster

Walt: know what the expectations and routines are for reading time.
(David Walliams)

Task Description: first our group went and started reading what the book was about with our teacher Mr Goodwin then he gave us a task to do and this is the task that he gave us to do.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

My About me for 2019

WALT: write about ourselves on the internet in a cybersmart way

Talofa lava welcome to my blog, if you would like too you could look through my blog, and also you can read some of the writing I did and go through some slides that I have done. And My name is Norah-Jade at Pt England School I am a year 6 and my teachers name is Mr Goodwin, I have got 5 siblings and including me there is 6 of us. I enjoy playing sport like Netball and cricket, because it is so fun and I get to spend time with my friends a lot, what I like to do is cook with my aunty, my favourite thing to do is have fun with my siblings. My favourite subject is reading and maths because it is sometimes easy for me and sometimes hard for me but I still like it, On the weekends we sometimes go to my dads cricket so that we could support him, we also go to hamilton in the weekends to visit my dads family. Sometimes we go fishing with my dads friends on the weekends too. I also really love to go to my nana’s house because when I go there I see most of my aunties and uncles and also my cousins.

Task Description:
For this task we used a template given to us by Mr Goodwin to write about ourselves for the about me section on our blog. We had to think about our different interests,hobbies, and information about ourselves in a way that was cybersmart.