Thursday, 28 November 2019

Horror story Kawau island, Camp Bentzon

Horror story Camp Bentzon:
Once upon a time there was an island named Kawau, it was a very spooky, scary, and haunted island that's why no one went there very often. Every Creature that lived there died and people are still trying to figure out why. One stormy afternoon we went to have our Halloween camp there. The Teachers didn't know about it being haunted only the kids did but they couldn’t be bothered telling them. On our concert night we heard scary noises so Mr Jacobson went to check to see what it was, the next moment we saw a hand come out of the bushes and it grabbed Mr Jacobson’s t-shirt and pulled him in the bushes. So Mr Goodwin and Mr Somerville rushed there quickly and they got dragged as well. After that all the teachers ran to where they got dragged except for Miss Timmi because she stayed back to look after us. When they went we had to carry on with the concert, then Miss Timmi called Miss Tuia and she didn’t answer so she called the teachers that were with her and they didn’t answer as well. She went to check and they weren’t there so Miss Timmi told all the campers to run up stairs and stay on one side because there was a boy and girl side, so yeah she told us all to go on the girls side cause it was cleaner and we all went in one room because we couldn’t go in two rooms because they’re was only one teacher. So a while later we fell asleep and Miss Timmi was still awake to watch us. In the morning we woke up and went to brush our teeth, then when we went outside some of the boys went with Miss TImmi to check in the bush where the arm popped out of, when we went to check nothing and no one was there so we searched everywhere for them. When we went up `Killer Hill there was this black shadow shaped as a man looking at us, then we heard some people shouting “help me”
To be continued…... Part 2 coming soon so stay tuned.

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