Friday, 17 September 2021

Addition and Subtraction - Crime Scene (CSI T1)

WALT: .... 

This is another Crime scene task that my class participated in about 2 weeks ago, I didn't join the meet and also didn't manage to get the work done on time, but I still got it done. Instead of Multiplication and Division, we did Addition and Subtraction, it was way more easier for me to figure out especially because I did it on my own, without any help like the other CSI task. Me and my class really enjoy doing tasks like this, especially these Crime Scene tasks.

Yes!! this was the first CSI task we had to complete before Multiplication and Division.

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  1. Hi N.J Hope you had an amazing lock down birthday! I really like this task I am all about pretending to be a CSI agent hehe I hope to see more of your blogs and keep being a blessing.

  2. Hi N.J. I am Whaene Vicki from Waitara East School. My students are looking at your blog so we can get an idea of how to do it. We are just starting out with Manaiakalani. Your work looks very interesting and the kids think it is amazing!