Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Camp Reflection

 Last week, from Wednesday to Friday, the beautiful yr 8’s went to camp, well the yr 7’s stayed behind and did a step up programme, because next year they will be the next yr 8’s. At camp, I was the leader of Team Green/Kauaeranga with Teingoa. For the activities we had to go in 2 groups, Kauaeranga A and Kauaeranga B, Team A was the girls and Team B was the boys. 

When we got there we did some fun team work activities that had to include everyone, along with all the teams. By the look on everyone's faces, everybody enjoyed it. We played a game that was sort of like Rippa rugby, but in the end we had to count all the tags we ripped off the other teams. That was probably one of my favourite activities. 

Another activity I enjoyed was Go-Karts with Mr J. I could tell my team really enjoyed it, because we all had more than 1 and 2 turns going around twice. Although some people in my team didn’t wanna have a go, they did it anyway and really enjoyed it. They wanted to go again and again, weird but cool right!?. 

Lastly we had a camp concert, and had a very awesome Polynesian night, where we got to dress in anything poly related, like have a lavalava, a lei, or a sei. After that we had to get dressed in proper clothes to perform our items in. Our item ws really cool, we did an entrance of ‘Leave the door open’ by Bruno mars, the other teams did things like. The three little pigs, dancing, singing, and more. It was really fun!.

Most of all, my team really had good participation and communication skills toward each other, we really got along well, and had an amazing time at camp. Sadly, it is over. But anyways, we at least got to talk about all the fun times we had. Hope we get to go to a camp like that again, but definitely know it won’t be as fun as this one!.

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