Thursday, 13 May 2021

Streets for Everyone: 2

 Today we went around the streets and had a look at our projects that we were working on last term. When we started walking, that first project we saw was my project, me Simon, and Oalii's project, we were very amazed at the project because it was very cool, the first picture we saw, was a Lizard, we had to try and complete the lizard using the letters, we had to try and spell out the street names, but before we did that we had to figure out what the street name was. The street names were 'Holland' and 'Waddell'. The other picture we came across was a fantail, probably the symbol of our school. I couldn't possibly remember what the street names were, because I have to admit it, I wasn't paying that much attention to the words/street names, because I was just colouring it in with the chalk. Right now you might get bored, so I'm gonna end it off here, go and check out my classes blogs to see what else we looked at.

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