Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Write like paul

Walt: write using the structure of a narrative.

Task description: first we all met up on the mat then Mr Goodwin told us to go off and do the task then we all did our brainstorms on the slide that Mr Goodwin gave us all when we finished that we started our writing

Oali woke up in the middle of the night. Then she was so so hot so she went outside so that she could catch some air. She saw something glowing in the forest so she went to check. First she went to Norah-Jade’s house and woke her up to tell her to look in the forest with her. Then they went to see what was glowing in the forest and what was glowing was a time machine. Oali touched it and they went back in time and they were found in a lost jungle.

Norah-Jade said” come lets just see what else is here” then Oali said” No because we might not be able to go back” so Norah-Jade said” Ohh forget it I’m gonna go By myself,” so Norah-Jade went by herself. as soon as she even took 5 steps she saw a maze. she looked back and she said” Oli look at this” so Oali went to look and she said” woahhhhhh”. they went to try the maze and they didn’t even go through to the second step.

they saw burgers randomly falling down from the sky so they looked up and there was a message it said Collect all the burgers to complete the maze. Oali said” I think I am quite hungry right now” and Norah-jade said” I can do it too” so they went through the maze and found the time machine again. they looked back and they Both said” HUHHHH b-bu-but the other time machine is over their so they both touched it and they ended up at Oali’s house. Norah-jade was so tired so she decided to walk home. When she got home she went straight to sleep.

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