Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Is it ever okay to steal?

 Today we took part in a lesson that we filmed for our class on air, about why stealing is good, and why it's not. We split into 2 groups; one group was debating why stealing is never okay, and my group was why it is good to steal, most of the talk was about, "stealing is good because they need to feed there family's" and the other group had to disagree with the statements, we did the debate on google meet, at school!. After all, it was very fun, and it all went as expected.
These ideas below, are the reasons why stealing is sort of good. 

1.Dumpster diving should not be illegal

   ^ You put the thing in the bin for a REASON. There is no reason why it should be a crime if you don’t even need the item anymore. Someone else needs it more.

2. Stealing should be alright and not considered a HUGE crime because some people need to steal to survive. 

    ^ Sometimes people don’t have choices.

3. Stealing is not that bad unless you're stealing an iphone.

    ^ E.g. Stealing a 1 dollar lollipop shouldn’t be considered such a crime because it is 1 dollar not 1,980 dollars or something.

4. If somebody steals something from you, and you're trying to get it back, you are not stealing.

    ^ Because technically the only person who stole is the one who stole if from you unless you stole that item first. Or maybe you lost this item and somebody found it, it wouldn’t be stealing, it would just be a lucky find.

5. If you steal something from a dairy and it's only like, a dollar, I don't consider that stealing, at least not VERY bad.

    ^ The world won’t end, it’s just a dollar.

6. If you need to feed ur family you’ll definitely have the chance to steal, so it’s sort of is OK to steal depending on the price and stuff.

    ^ Sometimes it’s the only way to survive, it really depends on the situation.

7. Our earth wants a bigger population, and with that stealing can help, to feed you, and to help you with different causes and for some cases, survive. There aren't enough resources,

8. Stealing is not that big of a crime, like killing somebody, there is no comparison to stealing and killing, unless you steal something very expensive.

    ^ Stealing isn’t killing somebody, it’s not as bad.

9. Stealing shouldn’t become a “straight to jail” thing, at least pay the price, for the thing or item you stole. It’ll make everything better.

    ^ Let the “stealer” explain. Maybe a 1-4 month sentence to jail. Depends on the item and the reason.

10. If you are taking something back from someone it is actually not stealing.

      ^ At least it shouldn't be considered stealing. 


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