Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Rona and the Moon

This task was meant for us to post/do last week, I was a bit delayed on posting it, cause I literally had no idea what to write for my task description.
This task is like the other task we did, but is based on another story "Rona and the Moon", if you remember the other task we did was about the  Myth "Te Ika A Maui or Maui and the Great big fish" This story is about a girl who went to get some things for her familys hangi, she then tripped and blamed it on the moon, Marama the moon heard her complaints and got sick of it, so Marama the moon grabbed Rona and kept her, Marama the moon then took good care of Rona, Marama the moon asked Rona if she would like to go back to earth, Rona refused, so from on, Rona lived in the moon, and left a figure of her.

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  1. Kia ora Norah-Jade,
    You have written a good task description to explain what your Reading work for texts about Rona and the Moon. Great job on organising the pictures and captions for the storyboard! We will go over word groups and worthy words in class next week back at school! Take care, Ms. Tapuke