Monday, 10 August 2020


Last week from Wednesday to Friday, the year 8's went to camp, while the year 7's had 3 days of stepping up as a leader. On Wednesday *the first day* we talked about what we were doing for the week and also went into our teams. When we got into our teams, we had to go and come up with a Chant and a team name, my group had 3 options of what name to choose, it was either Scholar Material, The Bangers, or Strikers, we all had a vote, no one chose Scholar Material, and only 1 person chose "The Bangers" but everyone chose "Strikers" anyways after that we made up a chant and A LITTLE BIT of moves to add in it. 
During the 3 days I had 2 main highlights.
My first highlight was playing soccer on the first day, I loved playing soccer because the team that we were versing had lots of good players, and we/I found it more challenging and found. 

My second and last highlight of the 3 days was playing 'Sing it to win it' on the last day in the morning block, I liked playing it because we easily communicated with each other, if you don't know how to play it this➡️➡️➡️ The teachers or someone had to shout a category, and the people playing has to quickly come up with a song that includes that category before it's your turn, then you keep coming up with songs till you're the winner, if you don't come up with a song before its your turn then.......your OUT of the game.

the whole week was really fun, I also can't wait till year 8 camp next year because it sounded REALLY fun, go check out some of the year 8 blogs to see what they're highlight was OR to see what we did.

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  1. Hi Norah Jade

    I really enjoyed reading this reflection about your Year 7 step up experience. It's great to hear that you really enjoyed the activities that were set up for the Year 7s while the Year 8s were at camp. I'm sure that you will love going to the Year 8 camp next year. Well done for making the most of your opportunities and having fun!