Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Writing Challenge


On a sad rainy day, in bikini bottom, Spongebob was doing the dishes and he bruised his arm, because his adorable pet Gary bumped into him and he tripped.

Then Mrs Puff called and said she was eating chop suey (Sapasui).

Other than that Mrs Puff thinks if you have, or eaten something from any culture then your that culture, so basically Mrs Puff thinks she's Samoan.

Spongebob got jealous so he bought a Salu Lima to prove he’s the real Samoan.

Spongebob was planning to go to Samoa, the first thing he did was look at the globe to see how far it was.

Then the next day he went to Samoa, The End.

Task Description:

The writing challenge is actually a challenge, (if that makes sense). For the writing challenge you can only write 6 sentences, (If you think all six of those are paragraphs.....their not):)

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