Thursday, 25 February 2021

Lunch with the Prime minister: Jacinda Adern

 Today our one and only Prime Minister came to our school, she came to have lunch with us, the reason why she came was because some of our Pt England students wrote to her about the free lunches we get every school day, Prime Minister Jacinda Adern then, saw the email and asked her team, if she could come and visit our school. 

Us as role models made a huge, warm welcome for her, because she is a special person, she helped us during hard times and we all are VERY grateful for that. 

When we finished the welcome, she gave us a nice warm speech with a few little tips, very good tips!. After that she came to OUR class and handed out OUR lunches! it was soo exciting!. When she was done handing out the lunches she then talked to us about why we like the lunches, it was a very nice talk with her. One of the tips she told us was... 

"When you go through hard times, think about me" that was my favourite thing from her everything she said, was so inspiring!. 

Most of all, it was so fun, and exciting having her with us, we are such a lucky school!.

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