Sunday, 7 July 2019

Team 4 holiday blogging

Walt: Team 4 holiday blogging 

So my animal has a zebras body with rabbit legs and a dog face, my animal has a name and the name of this animal is Drabittoe I named it that because D is the first letter in the word dog and also because it has Rabittoes so then I put it together and it made Drabittoes. When I look at my animal I think of a dear with a round shaped head. It also lives in the Sahara desert and eats vegetables a lot so watch out, It also has a number of adaptions for nocturnal living which means that they come out at night time. I love my animal because it has detail in it and it is also a good animal because it has 3 different parts from another animal.
Once upon a time their was a animal named the Drabittoe it was walking around in the city. Then it suddenly went on an adventure in America, the first place it went to was Disney land and it had so much fun. The funny thing was, was all the people that was at Disney land ran away because they were scared of the Drabitttoe, so the Drabittoe was having fun on its own then the Drabittoe went to Africa and started playing around with the Elephants. One time an Elephant sat on the Drabbitoe then the Drabittoe fell asleep and woke up in Australia in a strangers house. Then the Drabittoe decided to spend his life with the man. 

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