Friday, 19 July 2019

Creative writing task 9

My Uncle is a sailor. Like pretty much a real life Pirate. He doesn’t have a house, or a car, or even a job. He lives on his boat, sleeps on his boat, and travels on his boat. He doesn’t need a job because he catches his food from the sea. Sometimes he does need to trade some of his catch for various supplies to keep his boat afloat, but most of the time he just sails around on the water living his best life.

One time he took me out on his ship. We sailed right up North along the East coast. One night we were sitting up late fishing off the boat when we heard this beautiful singing. It sounded like an angel. We looked out to see and there she was, sitting out on a rock singing up to the stars. A mermaid I whispered. We went up closer to take a closer look.

Well she was singing my Uncle took a quick photo then when the mermaid saw the flash she swam away. and from then we just carried one fishing. When I was fishing on the other side of my Uncle I heard my Uncle cheer and struggle at the same time so I went to have a look and he caught a really really big Snapper. When he was trying to get the fish on the boat I asked if he wanted help but he said no, so I just went and took a seat and just watched him struggle then I asked him again and he still said no, after 5 minutes he kept on trying then I asked him again he still said no. Then I went to my fishing rod and came back to him and he was mad.

He was so mad because his fish took off with the hook stuck in his mouth. After that I saw my fishing rod go all the way down so I started winding it up, and I think it was the same one as my uncles so I just winded it up onto the boat and it was the one that Uncle tried to catch. So I went over to him and gave the fish to him because I'm not really a fish person when I went and gave it to him I said "I guess I'm just stronger than you" Then he went and dropped me off home but before he went back on his boat he got to eat the fish at my house then he took a shower because he smelt bad.

Last but not least he went back to his boat and started sailing west.Then we started waving until we couldn't see his boat.

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