Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Jedi Academy

This term I am Reading a book called Jedi Academy A New class it is about a boy on the dark side getting hit on the head with a volley ball and then the boy on the dark side as an argument with Maya and the boy on the dark side said" you should Join the dark side with me" she said" no way I do not want to be bad like you are" he said but Victor hit me on the head with a volley ball" Maya said" Heh that's what you get" the boy on the dark side said" pretty pleasssss" she said" fine only if you do stuff for me" he said if You join me on the dark side I will do anything for you" she said fine deal". Victor tried to fix P-10 when Victor thought he fixed it he went away and then a boy came he said" can you talk" and P-10 started to talk and the boy screamed and when the boy screamed P-10 Zapped the boy. When Victor went into the cafeteria there was a food fight and the councillor thinks that Victor started it Just because it started with Victors sandwich but Victor wasn't the one who started it and so Victor got in big trouble Then he called for Ms Catara but she didn't want to help him so he tried to find another person to help him. That is the end of Chapter 7.

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