Thursday, 21 May 2020

Reading: Wash your hands!!!

WALT: understand and interpret an information text

Task description: Washing your hands is important because, it can take away germs that are connected to your hands. Using soap is the strongest ingredient that leads to clean hands. If you'd like to know the steps *explained* take a look at my other blog post, if you have any questions just leave a comment. Thank you


  1. Hello Norah-Jade.
    What a great advice to always remember to wash our hands so that the germs won't be connected to our hands. Your task is great, the last slide is very helpful for little kids as well. Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks Leah for commenting on my Blog post
      and thank you for leaving me a positive and helpful comment to help me wanna post more about it, and yes, it is helpful:>)