Friday, 6 December 2019

Last post for 2019

Dear Blog Readers

This is the last day I will be using my Chrome Book at school.
The reason that is, is because the Christmas holidays are coming up,
and we only have today and a week left of school.

This year was the best year ever,
I will be sharing the three best highlight from this year.

1. My first highlight was going to Year 6 camp on Kawau Island. That is one of my favourite because we got to do so much fun activities. Camp writing

2. My Second best highlight was before we got to do our reading tests. I liked it because we got to have a fun time for us to write about. One of the activities was when we had to get into buddies and make something "nice" for them (WINK WINK).

3. Finally my last highlight of the year was when we first had our book shelf. When we first got it I was really excited to red one of the book and I remember my very first book it was "Mr Stink" By David Walliams. Silent Reading

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