Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Trip to the museum

Today and Monday we got to go to the Museum when we went inside we met a beautiful lady named Wendy and a guy named Grabreil. What we did was some of us were playing and drawing with the VR and some of us were coding the robots and drawing characters. What I did was I went to code the Robots and what we had to do was we had to make our own race course and try and code the robots to stay on the lines for it to get to the finish line. What we did was we all had to have a job to get it done fast. Oalii was doing the coding, Rae-Jae Austin and i were drawing the animals for us to use in our race course. Jane and Bradley were the ones Measuring and taping the pictures that were drawn by me Rae-Jae and Austin. So when we finished Gabreil recorded the robot doing the race course that we made after that he went and recorded all of the other groups things. It was a really really fun day today and yesterday I hope we did it again sometime.

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