Friday, 16 March 2018


On Wednesday the year 5 & 6 children had camp it was so fun cause on the first day we had a camp meeting in the hall the meeting was about what we are going to do and I was in tum- eke to clean and the first thing that we did was the slip n slide it was so fun because it was so slippery and we got all soapy and stuff like that what I liked about it was we got to get wet from the hoes after I slided down Ronnie wet me with hose again and I got so wet after that we went to the marquee and waited for our next activity.The next thing we went to was killer zone with Mr Jacobson it was a obstacle course it was so fun and my favourite part of the obstacle course was going under the tunnel and also the part where we through water balloons at the other team. at the end of the game we put the flag up before the other team but we lost by one second and the clean crushers were so happy that they won and tumeke to clean was a bit sad. After that we went back to the marquee and waited to see what our next activity was we were hoping that it would really really fun. Well we were waiting to see what our next activity was we had a little snack it was just 2 cookies and one apple. When we found out what our next activity was we were excited because our next activity was kayaking. When it was time to go we had to go and get our hat’s from our big bag that we brought to camp. When we all had our hat we all started walking down to the beach when we got there we saw a man running towards us and we did not know who it was and he got closer we knew who it was it was Ronnie when he got here Mr Burt told us the rules and then we went straight on to kayaking there was a one person boat and a double person boat and first I went with Madi then I went with Paige and it was so fun that was probably the best activity I have been to after kayaking we had a little swim at the beach that is why it was so fun then we went back to the marquee and had dinner it was mince and Nachos it was so yummy then it was dark and we went into Mr Goodwin’s class and watched a movie we watched captain underpants when it was so funny when the movie was finished we all said a prayer and went to sleep Camp was so so fun.

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