Friday, 4 March 2016

The pools

On a sunny day Billy and his mum were trying to cool down. Billys mum said” oh let's go to the pools cause it's really hot” and Billy said” ok.” 

So mum and Billy went to the pools. When Billy and mum went to the pools Billy said” ooo mum can I go on the diving board.?” And mum said”ok but be careful” and Billy said” ok mum I will watch out for myself.Then Billy climbed up the ladder and Billy's togs came off on the diving board Billy said phew no one knows that my togs came

So Billy had to dive in to get his togs. Billy had to stay under water until the rest of the people went. When the rest of the people went he quickly swam all the way up and got out of the and put on his togs. 

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