Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Te Wa Toi

Talofa lava everyone this term our inquiry item is about art, and the name of our inquiry item is Te wa Toi and if you don’t know what that means it means a wearableart and that includes painting. Today we went to immersion assembly in the hall and what we did in the hall was we were looking at what other teams were doing this term and the teachers were doing some items team 1’s item was about painting a masterpiece and what they painted was a lion and it was an created lion designed by 5 teachers witch was Mrs Squires,Mrs Mason,Mrs Lal,Mrs Dwyer and Mrs Hockly for team 2 they put a video for us to watch well they were painting what team 3 did was they painted each other and after they paint on each other then they have to roll on the paper finally it was our teachers and what they did was they went and got Mr Moran and they had to paint a picture of Mr Moran and after that they had to see who’s painting was the best and the best painting was Mrs Sio’s and finally it was the last team to do there act and what they did was the teachers had to wear their uniform well Mr Wiseman was the teacher then we got to see what Mr burt looked like and he looked like Maui then that was the end of our immersion assembly.

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