Friday, 8 September 2017

My Rocket Ship Adventure

Today I made a rocket ship that has powers. The rocket ship has a picture on the top of the rocket ship. Also in the middle of the rocket ship it says Ready Jet Go. My thrusters are red like a red hula hoop. The powers I created on my rocket ship is when I take off the picture on the top There would be a button there for me to push it will make the rocket ship invisible. It can also go super speed it  also has a food machine because whenever I get hungry I go to the food machine and ask what I want nicely. The food machine will get out the ingredients and get the oven and the microwave and start to bake the food I want to eat. There is also a drink machine when I get thirsty I have to say the drink I want and it will give it to me and that is the powers my rocket ship has.

As I walked in my rocket ship with my hoverboard I was so hungry so I used some of my machines and the machine I used was the food machine and the food I wanted to eat was a burger. Then I realised that the rocket ship was on a count down to get ready for blast off. When the rocket ship counted down to one it blasted into space. It was so cold in space and I was so lucky I went into my rocket ship with a helmet and a suit because if I didn’t wear a helmet and suit I would die because there is no oxygen in space my rocket ship made my wish come true because I really wanted to have a trip in space because space is so fun.

The first planet I visited was the moon because I have never been on the moon or any other planet. So first I went and explored the moon then I went to visit mercury and it was so cool because that was the longest planet I explored that I did not want to leave mercury but I had to go then i got thirsty and so I went into my rocket ship and went to my drink machine and I asked for some water and so the the drink machine gave me some water. And then I went to visit mars and I also wanted to stay it is like I want to visit mars and mercury everyday. The next planet I went and visited was venus it was so cool and when I landed on Venus I got out of the rocket ship so quickly because Venus is my favourite planet in the solar system. That was only planets I went to visit because it was night time already on earth so I went back to earth to have a good sleep.

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