Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Jedi Academy

This term I am reading Jedi Academy A New class it is about Victor and Maya liking the same thing and the thing they like to watch movies that include singing. Then Victor saw that Maya was the captain for Drama club and that's how Victor had a conversation with Maya. When they were doing Drama club Victor had to paint the lights and he said Maya can I have some help with painting the lights please she was so busy that she said sure just get the latter that is over there by one of your friends he said no I don't mean by that I mean can you help me with your own hands she said sorry I can I am so busy cause I got heaps of stuff that I need to finish I think you have to tell another person to help you or you just have to use the latter and do it yourself you have 2 choices. That is the end of chapter 8. 

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