Friday, 22 June 2018

My glider task

                    This is my glider task that room 10 had to do hope you leave a comment so that                                                                                I could talk to you more

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Maths practice problems

This is my math's work that I had been given last week and I had finished it today I hope to see your comments so that I could talk to you more.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Animation plan

 Today I was given a animation task to do and here it is I have finished it all today and it is so fun I hope you are interested in it i hope you also enjoy it hope you leave a comment so that I could talk to                                                                            you more.

The Water bucket


Once upon a time Ella was at a farm Ella walked outside and there was a line of animals waiting to have a drink of water. When Ella saw the bucket in the corner she filled it up with water so that the animals could drink from the bucket. So when she filled it up with water she went back inside and had dinner. Then she came back outside to check on them and when she went to look in the bucket the bucket was empty it had nothing inside it not even the water she she poured in it.


So she went back inside and she was going to go to sleep but then she Saw a bird flying to her window and she new the birds wanted more and more water so she sneakily went outside and got them 2 buckets of water then she went inside and watched TV so that she could stay closer to the animals cause just incase they want more water. The next day she went outside and the animals were asleep and so she went to sleep too. When Ella woke up again she went to check if the animals were still asleep. So she went to check if they were still asleep and they were not asleep the were waiting by the bucket.


They were waiting for more water again and so she went and filled a bucket for them and they had a bucket filled with water each. So when they all finished there bucket of water she was so tired of waking up early and having to give them a bucket of water so she had an idea her idea was to build a clean drain and leave it by the tap so that the water could go in the bucket itself so she did it and it had worked and she was not tired anymore she was so happy that

Today we had to show what we can write. When we have 40 minutes to write without talking to others. We were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

volcabuary task

                                         this is my activity that was given to me to do.

vocabulary task

                                         this is my activity that was given to me to do.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Scientific Question work

                    This is my scientific question work that was given to me to work on this week

Friday, 11 May 2018

Immersion assembly

On monday in the morning we had our very own Immersion assembly we always have an Immersion assembly on the first day of school. I walked in the hall and I was so excited to see some videos that the teacher’s had planned for there team like TEAM 1,TEAM 2,TEAM 3,TEAM 4,and TEAM 5. well Team 1’s video was about 4 teacher’s trying to move a big rock and they searched it up on google and they had an idea the idea was that they could launch the rock and when they tried it the rock went flying over their heads. when the rock was gone they carried on with there ride to the beach.

Team 2 was getting some cars and scooters and stuff like that. The people who were riding them was the teachers they were riding on the cars and the trollies and stuff. They were always getting in trouble from Mrs gaston cause Mrs gaston was the teacher in there item was about movements.

Team 3’s movie was about 5 teachers playing on the park with no kids there. It looked like they had lots of fun. They were also dancing on a big rock near the water there item was about the physics of sports.

Team 4’s item was about flying objects. They had a movie. It was about 6 teachers watching a video in the classroom and their movie was about 6 teachers watching a video in the classroom. They were watching a Redbull competition. Red Bull is were they build stuff and they make it fly off something and the thing they built breaks in the water.

After that movie it was team 5’s item. Their item was about body strength so they were doing an act. It was the team 5 teachers vs 1 year 6 teacher and 2 year 2 teachers and they were doing tug of war without gloves and with gloves. When they did it with gloves the team 2 teachers and the team 4 teacher had to do it with dishwashing liquid and when the team 5 teachers pulled the rope, the teachers that were versing the team 5 teacher lost and the team 5 teacher won. That was the end of immersion assembly.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


In Extension we had a choice to Ether Animate your movie or make a movie with the camera me and my group chose to film it and here is our movie that we filmed from Norah-Jade witch is me and also Jahzara and Caleb.

This is our planing for our conservationists movie you might find some facts about longfin eels and about all sought's of stuff but learning stuff it was so fun doing our planing.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Respectful words

Help people everywhere.
Were it with pride.
Be patient.
Take care of people
You love.
Be on the right track.
Be at the right place.
Be in the zone
Stop, look and listen to the teacher.
Keep it real.
Use your W.I.T.S.
Chuck it in the bin.
Play the right way.
Stop think and do.
Is it kind.
Listen to the teacher.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Te tiriti o waitangi

This is my Te tiriti o waitangi poster I did today

Respect writing

One way to show Respect is by saying your manners which means when you walk past a person that sitting down you say excuse me and if you get a chocolate from someone you say thank you and the person that gave you the chocolate will say your welcome. That's how you show RESPECT.

Another way to show respect is by pick up rubbish to keep our community clean which means every single rubbish you walk past you half to pick it up and also if someone chucks their rubbish in the rubbish bin and the rubbish doesn't go in you also half to pick it up for them.

A third way to show Respect is by being helpful for an example there was an old lady that fell down what you should do is go help her up or just call the ambulance and wait until the ambulance come I would help her up.

A fourth way to show Respect is by sharing which means if you have a toy and a little girl wants to play with the toy that you are playing with you half to share by buying her a to like mine or just give her the toy that I have now I’d rather give her the toy that I am playing with not.


2018 Poster

This is my 2018 poster.

Friday, 16 March 2018


On Wednesday the year 5 & 6 children had camp it was so fun cause on the first day we had a camp meeting in the hall the meeting was about what we are going to do and I was in tum- eke to clean and the first thing that we did was the slip n slide it was so fun because it was so slippery and we got all soapy and stuff like that what I liked about it was we got to get wet from the hoes after I slided down Ronnie wet me with hose again and I got so wet after that we went to the marquee and waited for our next activity.The next thing we went to was killer zone with Mr Jacobson it was a obstacle course it was so fun and my favourite part of the obstacle course was going under the tunnel and also the part where we through water balloons at the other team. at the end of the game we put the flag up before the other team but we lost by one second and the clean crushers were so happy that they won and tumeke to clean was a bit sad. After that we went back to the marquee and waited to see what our next activity was we were hoping that it would really really fun. Well we were waiting to see what our next activity was we had a little snack it was just 2 cookies and one apple. When we found out what our next activity was we were excited because our next activity was kayaking. When it was time to go we had to go and get our hat’s from our big bag that we brought to camp. When we all had our hat we all started walking down to the beach when we got there we saw a man running towards us and we did not know who it was and he got closer we knew who it was it was Ronnie when he got here Mr Burt told us the rules and then we went straight on to kayaking there was a one person boat and a double person boat and first I went with Madi then I went with Paige and it was so fun that was probably the best activity I have been to after kayaking we had a little swim at the beach that is why it was so fun then we went back to the marquee and had dinner it was mince and Nachos it was so yummy then it was dark and we went into Mr Goodwin’s class and watched a movie we watched captain underpants when it was so funny when the movie was finished we all said a prayer and went to sleep Camp was so so fun.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Dictation race

Oalii + Norah - Jade

Today was meant to be the day of the picnic. Sadly, it was raining today which meant we couldn’t go! Miss West packed her hat, sunblock and towel. Hopefully  we will get to go to the picnic later in the term as it is nice to go swimming and enjoy the sun at our very own beach!
Today we were doing a dictation race first we had to get a partner my partner was oalii and what we were meant to do was we had to get a partner and one of you has to have a Chromebook and the other person has to not have a Chromebook and there will be a paragraph on The TV screen and the person without a Chromebook has to look at the paragraph and they half to tell the person who has the Chromebook what to write and that is how you play the game.