Friday, 19 October 2018


This is my maths assignment that we were all told to finish off today if you see this then please leave a comment so that I could talk to you more.

Animation planning

This is my animation planning what we had to do was we had to plan so that we are ready to do our animation and so we know what to do on our animation and also if you see this blogpost then please leave a comment so I could talk to you more.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Recount writing

Last week on Wednesday My sister Kerstein, Josh, my Aunty, Uncle and I went to Rainbows End we went to Rainbows End because it was boring at home and we wanted to have some fun.The first ride we went on was the fear fall Me My sister, Josh and My Uncle went on it but My Aunty didn’t because there was only four seats. When it went up slow I wasn’t scared but when we were high up the top I started to have butterflies in my stomach because I knew we were going to go down so fast. Well we were up there we saw the bumper boats and Josh asked my uncle if we could go on the bumper boats after the fear fall.
When we got off the fear fall Me My sister Kerstien and Josh ran to the bumper boats then we got there and it was a long line so we waited until the line got shorter and before we went on the bumper boats we went in the movie theater slide so we had to do was we had to get some glasses and put them on then we had to go and take a seat and watch the big screen and it was so scary because when you put the glasses on and well you go down the waterfall it looks like it is real then I took my glasses off and it still looked real and when it finished we went to go and check on the bumper boats to see if the line got shorter and it did so we went on the bumper boats and when we were on the bumper boats Josh was getting Me wet because he was trying to push me off my boat and I was also trying to push him off his boat and then it was time to get off and so we did. After that we went to have some lunch and what he had was hot chips and a packet of donuts each and there was only two in a packet. After we had lunch we had to go on one more ride because we had to go to my cousin’s birthday at five o’clock and the last ride we went on was the stratosphere but I didn’t go on that ride because I was to scared to go on it and so me and my aunty didn’t go on the ride and we had to wait for long because they went twice on the ride and when they came back we still had time so we went on the Roller Coaster it was so so fun but josh did not go on the Roller Coaster because he didn’t want to. Then we went home and that was the best time of my life because it was so so fun.