Monday, 10 April 2017

swimming recount

In the Afternoon we went swimming at the Gi pools for swimming Lessons some people went to the big shallow pool and some people went to the sparkly small pool.Me,Jane,Zoe,Sauma,Maddi,and Aaliyah went to the big pool and the rest of them went to the small pool cause all of room 12 couldn't fit into the small pool  because the small pool is To small. Before we Jumped in we learnt some skills then we Jumped in but we jumped in carefully so we don’t cut ourselves when we jump in the pool and this is my group when I was in the big glimmering pool. When we were in the medium pool we were learning how to do backstrokes and I had  green and pink goggles on in the medium pool. I think that I am doing well at swimming lessons. I am in the 3rd group her name is Jess she is so kind she lets my Group do any thing we want in the pool if we be good to her that’s how she is kind. My group is Jane,Zoe,Aaliyah,Jerry,Ozzy, and Last of all is Simon.

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