Tuesday, 11 April 2017

River Talk's

On Friday Room 11 and 12 walked down to the river talk. Before we left the teacher gave us instruction's then we left but we walked to the creek. When we got there I saw heap's of people from different school's The fist thing we did was we were watching a play but It looked like it was a Act with only 2 people and it was a little bit scary for me but then I noticed it was a Act so I wasn't scared at all. Then we moved onto the next thing and the next thing we did was we went to 3 people that came all the way from Tonga to New Zealand and they sang a song it was so beautiful that I wanted them to sing it again. Then we moved on to cook island drummer's and they got 2 people from every school that was there but our school picked 3 Amazing dancer's and it was Zoe, Antzel, and Michel that got to go up in front of everyone that was there after they danced we went back to school it was super Fun.

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