Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Respect writing

One way to show Respect is by saying your manners which means when you walk past a person that sitting down you say excuse me and if you get a chocolate from someone you say thank you and the person that gave you the chocolate will say your welcome. That's how you show RESPECT.

Another way to show respect is by pick up rubbish to keep our community clean which means every single rubbish you walk past you half to pick it up and also if someone chucks their rubbish in the rubbish bin and the rubbish doesn't go in you also half to pick it up for them.

A third way to show Respect is by being helpful for an example there was an old lady that fell down what you should do is go help her up or just call the ambulance and wait until the ambulance come I would help her up.

A fourth way to show Respect is by sharing which means if you have a toy and a little girl wants to play with the toy that you are playing with you half to share by buying her a to like mine or just give her the toy that I have now I’d rather give her the toy that I am playing with not.


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