Friday, 9 June 2017



Planning Space:
Beginning: First: leon explained to us about what we were going to do.
Second: we got into pears my buddy was Aaliyah.
Third: he gave us the map.
Fourth: we had to face the arrows on the map to north.

Middle: Fith: we had to go and find the letters.
Sixth: we had to clip the numbers for the letter that you found.
Seventh: changed maps to course 4.

End: Eighth: looking for the letters that are on the map
Nineth: found the letters that were on the course 4 map
Tenth: me and Aaliyah ran out of time so we went and gave our 4th map to irene and leon. Eleventh: we were all finished our map
Twelfth: we took off our shoes and went inside the classroom and started writing about orienteering.

Begin Writing Here: Beginning:
First leon explained to us and said we have 4 courses to complete. Me and Aaliyah only completed two courses which was course 3 and 4. Aaliyah was my buddy cause we had to pick a buddy to buddy up with. So me and Aaliyah didn’t have a buddy so we had to buddy up together. When we got our map we had to make the arrows face north so we did. Me and Aaliyah took turns holding the map this is how we did it. So wants I find a letter and Aaliyah is holding the map then we swap. When I hold it Aaliyah Has to find the letter and then we swap again that’s how me and Aaliyah take turns at holding the map.

Middle: What we had to do was we had to look for the letters that say on your map and if you find the letter you have to clip it. When we finish course 3 leon gave us another map so we can find other letters because it was fun. When we were on course 4 we had to go around the school again to find different letters to complete course 4.

End: Then we took off our shoes and went inside and started writing about orienteering. It was super fun that I wanted to do this activity next time we do orienteering. It looked like everyone wanted to do this activity all the time in orienteer because it was super duper fun.     

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